Monday, 10 August 2015

Some packages needing attention for the g++5 transition

Hi all,

The g++5 transition is in progress now in wily-proposed. Library packages
in main that need package renames have all been staged, and most
reverse-dependencies of these libraries have been rebuilt. Libraries in
universe have mostly also been staged, but many of them have not yet had
rebuilds triggered for their reverse-dependencies.

For libraries in main, I've identified a number of reverse-dependencies that
are going to need a bit of attention in order to resolve these transitions.
Help resolving these is appreciated. I will also post them on - if you plan to work on one of these
packages, please put your name next to it on the pad to claim it.

* mongodb: FTBFS with -Werror due to a new warning under g++5; blocks pcre3
* juju-mongodb: FTBFS with a number of C++11 issues; blocks pcre3
* kodi: FTBFS with linker issue; candidate for removal (multiple
reverse-dependencies, but in universe and unseeded); blocks pcre3
* goplay: FTBFS with -Werror; candidate for removal; blocks xapian-core
* notmuch: FTBFS, testsuite dies with signal 15; blocks xapian-core
* ceph: FTBFS with boost1.58 incompatibility; blocks leveldb
* ll-scope: FTBFS only on i386 and powerpc with a stack protector error;
candidate for removal; blocks gtkmm2.4
* bombono-dvd: FTBFS with libavformat incompatibility; candidate for
removal; blocks gtkmm2.4
* mrtrix: FTBFS on armhf only, blocked by current octave being unavailable
on armhf, octave blocked by gl/gles build failure; blocks gtkmm2.4 (robru)
* open-vm-tools: package in main, build-depends on xml-security-c in
universe; MIR filed (bug #1482777); blocks gtkmm2.4, icu
* mediawiki2latex: FTBFS on powerpc only; haskell-related failure (gcc:
error trying to exec 'as': execvp: No such file or directory); candidate for
removal (one reverse-dependency); blocks icu

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