Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ubiquity Slideshow translations


As you might know, the strings translation of the Ubiquity Slideshow package are currently done against the Ubuntu packages [1]. This means that there's always the need of an upload before new strings can be translated.

Sometimes it's a bit difficult for flavors to get these uploads done in a timely manner, in particular when things happen close to freezes, which is immediately before a milestone, if we're speaking about the slideshow.

While sponsors have gracefully offered their help in the past and for the future (thanks!), we think it would be better if flavors with no uploading rights to the package should not need to depend on them.

With these constraints in mind, and aiming to reduce the amount of required uploads needed for translation purposes, a viable and feasible solution would be to move the translations of the ubiquity slideshow from the Ubuntu package to the upstream project in Launchpad [2].

Technically, this requires means the following changes will be carried:
– Enable translations for the upstream project
– Make sure the upstream project uses the Ubuntu translators team structure
– Create appropriate series and link them with the Ubuntu packages
– Disable translations for the Ubuntu packages

We also need to ensure that:
– The documentation team, all flavors and all translators are aware of the change
– All existing links and documentation linking to the translation process are updated

Additionally, in the future translators only need one, never changing, URL to get to the translations for the latest series. For comparison, translators currently have to select the series manually unless they have the specific link for the series they want to translate.

Since this change has an impact on all flavors we would like to know what do you think of this.


David Pires (slickymaster)

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