Thursday, 22 October 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: Xenial open in CI Train

Hi all,

Just a quick note to mention the new xenial series is now supported by
CI Train, and what you should expect for "dual" silos.

Requests that are literally "series: dual" will always build packages
for wily & vivid. This is because, if I switched "dual" to mean xenial
& vivid, then any dual silos that were already built would contain
wrong contents (eg, the train would expect xenial packages in the PPA
but only find wily) and generally the train would not understand what
to do with them.

So there are new series options offered by the train: "wily+vivid" and
"xenial+vivid". xenial+vivid is the new default and should be used for
all new phone development going forward.

If you currently have a "dual" or "wily+vivid" silo in the train, eg
if you find yourself on either of these pages:

Then you need to transition your silo to be xenial+vivid. There are
two options for this transition:

1. If your silo is still being actively developed (eg, you anticipate
needing to rebuild your silo before it's ready to publish anyway),
just edit your landing request and select the new xenial+vivid option
prior to your next rebuild. Then ask me nicely and I'll remove the
obsolete wily packages from the PPA and you'll be good to go.

2. If your silo is complete but not published yet, eg if it's waiting
in the QA Queue and you don't want to rebuild the silo at all, we can
do some manual surgery in this case. What I will do is copy the
existing wily packages into xenial series within the same PPA, then
change the request to xenial+vivid and it should be safe to continue
testing the existing builds in the silo.

There are 34 silos needing to be transitioned off of wily+vivid, so
just ping me when you're ready to do the transition and I can take
care of it.


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