Friday, 23 October 2015

Re: Mycroft integration with Unity 8

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CC'ing ubuntu-devel so it's not a private conversation unnecessarily.

W dniu 23.10.2015 o 14:12, Jonathan D'Orleans pisze:
> Hello everybody,
> I work for Mycroft project and we are starting some demo integration for
> Unity 8.
> Therefore, we'd like to know what is the best way to start playing with
> it.

Can you explain a bit more on what kind of integration you have in mind?

> We've followed this tutorial:
> However, it seems to lack more information for unity development.
> 1. Besides that webpage, is there any other Unity 8 documentation or
> tutorial for developers?

I'm afraid there's very little, the reason is the usual one for
documentation, it's unfortunately work with lower priority than all the
other things we need to do.

> As Mycroft client is in Python it'd be important for us to run it
> natively in mobiles.
> 2. Anyone knows if Python will be natively supported for Ubuntu mobiles
> versions? Are there any restrictions or particularities for that to
> happen?

AFAICT there's no plans to support Python as a developer language for
the platform, mostly because of resource considerations. Python (only
version 3), however, is available on the device today, so if Mycroft
became part of the platform, shipped on the devices, it'd need to be
packaged as a .deb with appropriate dependencies. Note that, without
knowing how you want to integrate, I can't comment on whether it's even
a possibility for the products.

> Finally, for our POC, we would love to autostart Mycroft client as a
> background process as soon as Unity is started.
> 3. Any tip on how we could run some python or shell scripts during the
> start of Unity 8?

We use Upstart today to handle our session jobs [1], so again, if
shipped on the device, a job like that would be easy to have.

> We are very excited to integrate Mycroft with Unity and make Ubuntu to
> become the most intelligent opensource OS out there.
> So any help from the Unity developers and community will more than
> appreciated!

Have you seen our scopes [2] infrastructure? Maybe this would be
something you could integrate with instead of "with Unity 8", which,
after all, is a graphical shell, it doesn't have many productivity
functions in and of itself.


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