Friday, 23 October 2015

Re: Mycroft integration with Unity 8

On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 03:05:28PM +0200, Michał Sawicz wrote:
> AFAICT there's no plans to support Python as a developer language for
> the platform, mostly because of resource considerations. Python (only
> version 3), however, is available on the device today, so if Mycroft
> became part of the platform, shipped on the devices, it'd need to be
> packaged as a .deb with appropriate dependencies. Note that, without
> knowing how you want to integrate, I can't comment on whether it's even
> a possibility for the products.

I've been playing with Python 3 on the phone using pyotherside (so GUI
in QML/Javascript and backend in Python, and it works quite well. It
needed some hackery to get started, and I'd like to work on pyotherside
supporting a data model defined in Python next. But it is possible to
make it go.

(This is for an unconfined app - I think some changes will be needed to
the AppArmor profile definitions to make it work confined - for example
push notification helpers are too confined to allow one written in
Python to run currently, despite the what documentation examples do).