Thursday, 29 October 2015

Re: xenial: Watch out for boot failures due to /etc/mtab file

Dale Trombley [2015-10-29 10:30 -0400]:
> Should we wait a couple days to do our next update or is this just for new
> installs of xenial?

Existing installs should be fine, this is exclusively to find
installer bugs, i. e. broken /etc/mtab *before* the first boot of
installed Ubuntu (as we fix /etc/mtab on each boot).

It could of course be that something changes /etc/mtab back from a
symlink to a file while Ubuntu runs, then the next reboot would do
this as well. We had one really funny/scary bug in the past:

So if you find something like this during upgrades, please do tell me.
However, I haven't found or heard of anything so far, and boo-boos
like the above are hopefully rare.


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