Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Enable kernel crash dump collection by default on Xenial


Currently, when installing the linux-crashdump meta-package in order to enable
kernel crash dump collection, the functionality is not enabled by default.

While a reboot is mandatory to enable the crashkernel= kernel parameter, I would
like to suggest to enable the kdump functionality by default when the package is

A prompt should be displayed to allow for the user to override the "default =
Yes" if needed. This will not be the only user interaction when installing the
meta-package, as kexec-tools already prompts for the type of boot.

Any comment or suggestion ?

Kind regards,


Louis Bouchard
Software engineer, Cloud & Sustaining eng.
Canonical Ltd
Ubuntu developer Debian Maintainer
GPG : 429D 7A3B DD05 B6F8 AF63 B9C4 8B3D 867C 823E 7A61

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