Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Re: ANN: autopkgtests are now specific for "triggering" package for better isolation

On Nov 10, 2015, at 02:55 PM, Martin Pitt wrote:

>An example run can be seen for the trigger pyflakes [3],

Well, probably it was at the time of your writing <wink>. You can see now
that pyflakes 1.0.0-3 has cleared (we'll see when 1.0.0-4 gets autosynced).

>Note that apt pinning is rather limited. Unfortunately you can't say
>"from -proposed use these packages and any of their dependencies which
>are not satisfiable in -release" -- pinning is not clever enough for
>that. This means that the tests for e. g. gtk+3.0 where the -proposed
>version depends on another package in -proposed cannot be run in this
>isolated manner, and autopkgtest will fall back to globally enabling
>-proposed. You will see something like
> adt-run: WARNING: Packages src:gtk+3.0 are not installable with
> per-package pinning in proposed, falling back to using all packages
> from proposed:
>in the log, e. g. in [5]. Ideas how to improve that are highly

I wonder if you've considered having some kind of hints in d/tests/control
about which packages to pin? I can see some problems with that though: for
today's upload you might want to only pin the 4 packages that have to get
through -proposed together, but that might not be relevant for the next upload
(but I guess you can always remove the pinning hint then).

I still think the above is a great improvement, so let's see if the fallback
approach exposes any real-world problems.