Thursday, 5 November 2015

Re: Python 3 only for 16.04

One thing I notice, is that this list only includes runtime
dependencies, and not build time dependencies. To port things to Python
3, it's not necessarily just a matter of porting the runtime deps, but
also build deps will need porting.

For ubuntu-sso-client, I would suggest not porting it, and if any code
needs to use an SSO client, the best options would be:

1) Get a thin wrapper around the ubuntuone-credentials Ui to embed it
into the GTK+ online-accounts settings panel
a) get ubuntuone-credentials into main
b) switch anything needing an Ubuntu SSO account to online-accounts

2) Replace ubuntu-sso-client with the code that was in ubiquity for
logging in to U1 during install in a simpler log-in process

On Wed, 2015-11-04 at 15:46 -0600, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> In today's UOS session on dropping Python 2 from the default
> installs/seeds/images, we captured a bunch of work items. For those of you on
> the session, please look at both the wiki and blueprint linked below, and make
> any additions or corrections you might find to my note taking.
> You might also want to subscribe to the wiki page. Of course, we welcome any
> help in this important LTS goal, so please get in touch.
> Thanks,
> Barry