Friday, 6 November 2015

Re: Python 3 only for 16.04

On Thu, 2015-11-05 at 16:39 -0600, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> >For ubuntu-sso-client, I would suggest not porting it, and if any code
> >needs to use an SSO client, the best options would be:
> If I'm not mistaken, Robert Ancell took a action item to see if straight-up
> OAuth could be used so ubuntu-sso-client could just be dropped.

The server is not a straight OAuth 1.0a implementation. The token is
compatible with OAuth 1.0a signing, and we using OAuth 1.0a signing to
authorize clients, but the token acquisition is done via REST API. Trust
me, if we could do pure web-based OAuth 1.0a, then we'd already be doing
it, because it would mean a lot less stuff for me to worry about. :)