Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Xenial cloud images

We in the Cloud Image Team wanted to send out a quick update on the status of cloud images for Xenial Xerus.

In this cycle, we are moving to a new build system.  This has primarily been prompted by the shift to POWER8 in xenial, as well as the advent of IBM System Z support.  Instead of building images locally on our Jenkins host, we will be using Launchpad builders (hosted on ScalingStack, as outlined by cjwatson in [0]) to build our images.

As you might imagine, this change has required a fairly major revamp of how we build images, which is still in progress.  The actual changes to the base image build process are largely in place, but the plumbing required to automate getting those images on to cloud images.ubuntu.com is still in progress.  We hope to have this finished by the end of next week and the pipe of fresh xenial images pumping again.

For now, there is a single xenial cloud image serial on cloud-images.ubuntu.com.  If you need a newer image (or an image type that is not yet available) for testing in the meantime, please let me know and our team will make one available to you.

We're excited about this new system; it will make support for non-Intel architectures much easier to manage, and increase the pace which we can enable new clouds and technologies, without sacrificing quality.




Patricia Gaughen

Engineering Manager

Cloud Image Team

Certified Public Cloud Development

[0] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2015-October/038958.html