Saturday, 5 December 2015

Re: Default languages strategy for Ubuntu desktop CD

Hi all,

2015-12-01 11:06 GMT+03:00 Didier Roche <>:
> 1. Install full language support for those shipped on xenial image. It means
> that opening "language selector" won't request any additional package to
> install[1]. If you are proceeding an online installation, additional
> packages won't be downloaded to complete your language installation. If you
> have done an offline one, you won't have the infamous after first boot
> "Language support is not complete" dialog. Note that for now, we have no
> complete language support on the live! For instance, in English, we have the
> following missing packages that language-support will require to install (or
> that ubiquity will download it for you if you are connected to the
> Internet):
> hyphen-en-us, mythes-en-us, mythes-en-au, hunspell-en-ca, myspell-en-au,
> myspell-en-gb, myspell-en-za, libreoffice-help-en-gb,
> libreoffice-l10n-en-za, firefox-locale-en, thunderbird-locale-en,
> thunderbird-locale-en-gb, thunderbird-locale-en-us.
> 2. Based on popcon, number of native speaker and total number of speaker per
> language, it seems that the following language selection makes sense for our
> user base (more info on the language selection on
> en, es, zh (simplified), pt, de, fr, it, ru

In general I like this idea (especially when Russian is in the list of
languages :)).

Do we really need to include Chinese (simplified), provided that we
have a separate spin (Ubuntu Kylin) for Chinese users anyway? Or are
there use cases when one would prefer normal Ubuntu over Ubuntu Kylin?

Dmitry Shachnev

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