Thursday, 18 February 2016

Font weirdness with today's dist-upgrade on Xenial

I have noticed a strange font problem with today's Xenial dist-upgrade, and
I'm wondering if anybody else has seen anything, or has any information. I'm
happy to file bugs, if I can figure out where to file them. :/

So far, I've only noticed the problem in claws-mail, but since I'm running the
exact same version both before and after the problematic dist-upgrade, I don't
believe the bug is there. Something Else has changed, but I haven't figure
out what yet.

Fortunately, I have a VM on which I can take disk snapshots so I've proven to
myself that I'm not hallucinating. I took a screen capture before and after a
dist-upgrade and there is very definitely some font display differences.
Claws is configured to use Sans 10 in the summary display and Ubuntu Mono 14
in the message display.

After the dist-upgrade, Sans is looking a little more vertically squished and
Ubuntu Mono is looking a bit more horizontally spread out.

I can post some sanitized before and after screenshots if needed. I may have
to bisect the dist-upgrade to find the culprit.

Has anybody else seen very recent font weirdness?