Monday, 29 February 2016

Patch pilot report: 2016-02-29


here's what I got done in my shift today:

- syncpackage -b 1550711 -s amribrahim1987 mplayer
- syncpackage -b 1550876 -s ikuya-fruitsbasket pcmanfm-qt -f
- syncpackage -b 1550934 -s ricotz synapse
- syncpackage -b 1549537 -s flexiondotorg mate-dock-applet
- syncpackage -b 1549540 -s flexiondotorg mate-tweak
- syncpackage -b 1549945 -s nacc php-rrd
- syncpackage -b 1549441 -s nacc php-defaults
- syncpackage -s mapreri libeatmydata
- syncpackage -b 1547144 -s c-d-hailfinger-devel-2006 flashrom

- - Please merge with Debian unstable php7.0 7.0.3-9
- - lxsession-logout should depend on
consolekit | systemd
- - gnome-language-selector is not MATE compatible
- - [needs-packaging] php-mongodb
- - php-guzzlehttp-psr7: add nocheck and stage1 build
- - phpunit-global-state: add nocheck and stage1 build

- - Systray option does not work.
asked back if this could be retested with the newest qt in the
- - Enable libappindicator support
asked if qt5 build-dep is really required and shouldn't happen in
ibus-qt instead.
- - Merge mozc
(2.17.2116.102+gitfd0f5b34+dfsg-1ubuntu1) from Debian unstable (main)
asked why big new added patch is necessary.
- lp:~e7appew/ubuntu/wily/bombono-dvd/mux-files-with-spaces-wily
point to github page to get patch accepted there.

- lp:~maozhou/ubuntu/utopic/bumprace/bumprace-test
reject, it got a 'disapprove' vote before already.
- lp:~ubuntu-mate-dev/livecd-rootfs/ubuntu-mate-base
set status to WIP based on previous comment.

Have a great day,

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