Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Re: Ubuntu Desktop on i386

On 2 February 2016 at 07:58, Stefan Bader <stefan.bader@canonical.com> wrote:
> On 01.02.2016 23:14, Dimitri John Ledkov wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Ubuntu has an i386 port which is fully supported.
>> There a bunch of 3rd party applications that rely on the Multi-Arch
>> technology to support/use i386 binaries on amd64 (e.g. Skype from the
>> partner archive). BTW, can we ask Microsoft to publish native amd64
>> binaries, rather than those that rely on multi-arch i386? Also, does
>> Valve Steam product rely on i386 multiarch binaries? or is it fully
>> amd64? (and e.g. downloads/bundles/ships any required i386 binaries
>> that it needs)? And Netflix - does that run on amd64-only without i386
>> multiarch?
>> However, it seems to me that this is done specifically on otherwise
>> full amd64 installations.
>> My guess is that: all currently shipped hardware, with enough support
>> to run full Unity (7) Desktop, is amd64. Tested with amd64 kernel, and
>> amd64 graphics drivers. And hardware validation is done on amd64 too.
>> In 2016, people with i386-only hardware are unlikely to be capable to
>> run Unity 7 Desktop, and probably run other Ubuntu variants. I guess
>> there are some accidental i386 users, e.g. those that have installed
>> i386 variant on amd64 hardware.
> Just wondering whether you considered netbooks here. Not that old (maybe 6y?)
> and at least the two specimens I would have around are early Atoms (i386 only)
> but with (also early) i915 Intel graphics. They used to be reasonably
> accelerated to cope. Not sure about unity 7. But maybe some reason to allow at
> least for 16.04 some i386 iso (by 18.04 the problem might be resolved through
> the crappy life-span recent hw seems to have)...

My argument here would be that, such a netbook already has Ubuntu on it.
And that one would not want to /install/ it, but only /upgrade/ it to 16.04 LTS.
And thus archive-only support is sufficient for it.

> -Stefan
>> Does it still make sense to build ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso? Validate
>> it? Test it on amd64 hardware? Ship it?
>> To me this seems like a futile effort. Imho, we should only test the
>> relevant multiarch i386 pieces that are there to support 3rd-party,
>> i386-only apps on amd64 desktop.
>> This is specifically about building, validating and shipping
>> ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso, specifically for the Ubuntu Desktop flavour.
>> Which I am suggesting should be dropped. Without any other changes to
>> the archive and/or publishing i386 binaries.



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