Monday, 21 March 2016

ACTION REQUIRED: Big CI Train changes just around the corner!

Hi everybody!

In a few days I will be rolling out a big change to the way CI Train
builds source packages, however this change is not compatible with all
source packages and some may require changes in order to remain
compatible with the new behavior.

The change is that the train will no longer install build dependencies
and run "debian/rules clean" during the *source* package build (these
will of course still be run in the PPA during binary package build),
which will dramatically reduce the time it takes to build source
packages in the train, allowing people to iterate on their silo builds
more rapidly (one test reduced source package build time from 100
minutes to 35 minutes on a large silo).

The vast majority of packages should be unaffected by this, however if
you are using the debian/rules clean target in order to modify your
debian/control file prior to source package build (which is an
officially supported CI Train feature), you'll need to stop using
debian/rules and start using a special hook script which we've created
for this purpose.

So far I'm aware of unity-scopes-api and unity8 being affected by this
change, however I've already submitted branches fixing those ones. If
you believe your source package is affected by this change, please
contact me and I'll get your code up to speed.

Here are example MPs showing what the new hook script looks like:

In short: You need a new script, debian/bileto_pre_release_hook, which
will be called with $PWD set as your source tree root (not the debian/
dir), and no arguments. If you want to do different things depending
on what ubuntu release you are building for, the environment variable
$SERIES will be set to the name of the release, eg, "vivid".


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