Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Re: ACTION REQUIRED: Big CI Train changes just around the corner!

This change is now live, and I've submitted branches that fix unity8,
unity-scopes-api, unity-scopes-shell, and mediascanner2. If you have a
train silo with one of those packages in it that's already built,
that's fine to leave as is, but you will need to include my branch in
the event of a rebuild, otherwise your vivid packages will not build

Pay attention to the build logs, if you have an affected source
package you'll see this warning in the build log:

WARNING! Found override_dh_auto_clean but not bileto_pre_release_hook defined
in this package. "./debian/rules clean" is no longer called during source
package builds! If you have code you need to be run prior to the source package
build, you must create a new script: ./debian/bileto_pre_release_hook

If you see this message in your build logs, notify me immediately and
I'll work with you to bring your package up to the new standards.


On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 1:00 PM, Robert Park <> wrote:
> The vast majority of packages should be unaffected by this, however if
> you are using the debian/rules clean target in order to modify your
> debian/control file prior to source package build (which is an
> officially supported CI Train feature), you'll need to stop using
> debian/rules and start using a special hook script which we've created
> for this purpose.

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