Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Re: Archive Reorg Episode VII: Follow Build-Depends

Steve Langasek [2016-03-18 21:48 -0700]:
> FWIW I don't agree; we already have component-mismatches which we have a
> committment to drive to zero for release, and the teams that have introduced
> the new dependencies are responsible for driving the MIRs for those
> packages.

While we have the formal commitment, in reality we have just moved
some packages to main without an MIR on the second-to-last day before
release, and have ignored large chunks of c-m for several releases.
This has worked okay-ish for now as the built products/images did not
actually contain these packages. This kept up a certain pressure to
actually *do* follow up on MIRs.

I doubt it would go well if two days before the release built images
would suddenly lose 20 new packages (and presumably break them
completely). I see no practical way that the release team would do
that without getting yelled at from all sorts of directions.

> So I believe that we would be no worse off by letting images build
> with universe enabled than we are today, since
> components-mismatches-zero is already a requirement for release and
> we would be reducing the overall workload related to this.

If we do this, then this needs to be turned off right before/after the
final beta at the latest (i. e. right now for Xenial). But still I
consider this a lot more disruptive than what we have now, and it just
contributes to moving necessary reengineering even further out,
introducing even more instability towards the final release.

(Reengineering: This assumes that at least in some cases we can change
our software to not need packages from universe, instead of pulling in
every piece of tool chain and databases that exist..)

> However, thanks to Dimitri's patch to proposed-migration, which has been
> landed[1], it seems we don't have to come to an agreement on this point to
> unblock this change.

This helps a bit indeed, but does not help with universe packages that get
seeded directly? E. g. the current bunch of packages on the
system-image seed on c-m.


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