Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Re: CFT: xserver 1.18 for xenial

05.02.2016, 18:23, Timo Aaltonen kirjoitti:
> Hi
> I've prepared the latest xserver release in a PPA for xenial, and
> while the update shouldn't cause problems it deserves more eyes before
> putting it in the main repo .
> You can get it by enabling the staging-ppa:
> apt-add-repository ppa:canonical-x/x-staging
> apt update && apt upgrade
> However, if you are using the fglrx driver do note that there is no
> version of the driver that works with this xserver, meaning that by
> using this PPA the driver will be removed and the OSS driver stack is
> enabled instead. This is expected and something the x-team will make
> sure works more smoothly in 16.04.
> If you bump into new issues (compared to stock xenial), file a bug
> against 'xorg-server' and mention that you're using this PPA. Feel free
> to ping me on #ubuntu-x (freenode, ~UTC office hours) and report
> successful upgrades too :)

This is now in xenial since last night. Thanks to everyone who helped
with testing.


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