Friday, 11 March 2016

Ubuntu Kernel Team - Weekly Newsletter, 2016-03-11


The Ubuntu Kernel Team has published this weeks newsletter.

The Newsletter is published weekly. It contains highlights from the
week, announcements regarding the development and stable kernels, as
well as any other news the Kernel Team may have.

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The Ubuntu Kernel Team

Tues Mar 11, 2016

This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Kernel
Team. There will also be highlights provided for any interesting
subjects the team may be working on.

If you would like to reach the kernel team. You can find us at the
#ubuntu-kernel channel on FreeNode. Alternatively you can mail the
Ubuntu Kernel Team mailing list at:


* A new release of FWTS was pushed out:
* Kamal released upstream 4.2.8-ckt5.

* Luis released upstream 3.16.7-ckt25.

Devel Kernel Announcements

Our Xenial kernel has been re-based to v4.4.4 and is available for
testing in the -proposed pocket of the archive, ie linux-4.4.0-12.27.
It should promote to -updates shortly. Please test and let us know your
results. Also, as an early reminder, Xenial Kernel Freeze is Thurs,
April 7. We encourage anyone needing kernel patches pulled into Xenial
to please submit them well in advance of Kernel Freeze to allow for as
much testing as possible. Thanks!

Stable Kernel Announcements

Current cycle: 19-Feb through 12-Mar
19-Feb Last day for kernel commits for this cycle
21-Feb - 27-Feb Kernel prep week.
28-Feb - 05-Mar Bug verification & Regression testing.
06-Mar - 12-Mar Regression testing & Release to -updates.

Kernel Versions
precise 3.2.0-99.139
trusty 3.13.0-79.123
vivid 3.19.0-51.58
wily 4.2.0-30.36

lts-trusty 3.13.0-79.123~precise1
lts-utopic 3.16.0-62.83~14.04.1
lts-vivid 3.19.0-51.58~14.04.1
lts-wily 4.2.0-30.36~14.04.1

Next cycle: 11-Mar through 02-Apr
11-Mar Last day for kernel commits for this cycle
13-Mar - 19-Mar Kernel prep week.
20-Mar - 26-Mar Bug verification & Regression testing.
27-Mar - 02-Apr Regression testing & Release to -updates.

Status: CVE's

The current CVE status can be reviewed at the following link:

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