Wednesday, 20 April 2016

oracle-java8-installer again inflates the priorities for the alternatives


The oracle-java8-installer package in the webupd8team PPA again inflates the
priorities for the alternatives, as in looking for the highest available
alternative, then adding one to it and using that as the new alternative value.
This is not how it should be, and even wrong when you install multiple
oracle-java*-installer packages. You seem to have an oracle-java8-set-default
package which explicitly should do that, don't mess around with the priorities
for the alternatives. Pretty please fix this in a way that you don't just
inflate the priority of the alternatives. I'm getting bug reports for the
openjdk-8 packages which turn out as issues with the oracle-java8-installer
packages. Tell people instead how to explicitly set alternatives, or to install
the oracle-java8-set-default package.

Thanks, Matthias

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