Friday, 1 April 2016

Patch pilot report: 2016-04-01


here's what I got through in my shift yesterday:

syncpackage -b 1554192 -s costamagnagianfranco python-lockfile -f
syncpackage -b 1554629 -s j-rivero pydocstyle
syncpackage -b 1554406 -s adrienverge yamllint
syncpackage -b 1553589 -s hzulla sonic-pi
syncpackage -b 1559049 -s flexiondotorg mate-dock-applet
syncpackage -b 1559056 -s flexiondotorg mate-tweak
syncpackage -b 1564277 -s costamagnagianfranco docbook2x
syncpackage -b 1564497 -s flexiondotorg caja
syncpackage -b 1562635 -s logan docbook -f
syncpackage -b 1562633 -s logan dwarves-dfsg -f
syncpackage -b 1563855 -s costamagnagianfranco libjsoncpp
syncpackage -b 1564499 -s flexiondotorg mate-system-monitor
syncpackage -b 1563623 -s profzoom wmforecast
syncpackage -b 1563551 -s amribrahim1987 ethtool
syncpackage -b 1559438 -s unit193 geoip-database Please update ubuntu-mate-meta package FFe: ubuntu-mate-welcome 16.04.4 new release ubuntu-mate-welcome 16.04.5 bug fix release FFe: ubuntu-mate-artwork 16.04.4 new release FFe: Please updated ubuntu-mate-meta Translations not loading in Gnome Calendar 3.19.92-0ubuntu2
- uploaded/synced. Sync libqmi 1.14.0-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main)
- noticed that this would result in API breaks. Sync lombok-ast 0.2+ds-1 (universe) from Debian unstable
- subscribed release team, new package. bug 1561663 depends on this. Please merge bugfix release shutter 0.93.1-1 (universe)
from Debian testing (main) Please merge bugfix release gnucash 1:2.6.11-1
(universe) from Debian testing (main) Please merge bugfix release octave 4.0.1-1 (universe)
from Debian testing (main) [FFe] Update to maintenance release 2.7
- unsubscribe sponsors, nothing to be reviewed. Sync calendarserver 7.0+dfsg-2 (universe) from Debian
unstable (main)
- marked as fixed. [FFe] Please sync unity-tweak-tool 0.0.7 from upstream git
- found a change the sync would overwrite.

Have a great day,

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