Thursday, 14 April 2016

Re: Call for opinions: default naming policy for USB network interfaces: MAC/path/kernel?

On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 4:50 AM, Martin Pitt <> wrote:
Martin Pitt [2016-04-06 12:56 +0200]:
>  * MAC based (status quo): Emphasize the identity of the device that
>    you connect
>    + Works well on PCs/laptops where you want to connect your phone or
>      USB 3G stick on an arbitrary USB slot.
>    - With boards like the RasPi you usually think in terms of
>      location: The left port is for the external USB ethernet card,
>      the right port for something else.
>    - You can't just take a pre-configured image and install it on a
>      bunch of RasPis, as the configuration depends on the particular
>      USB ethernet dongle that you plug in, so the names will be
>      different on every deployed device, you can't keep a r/o
>      image, and you need to adjust the configuration everywhere.

For the record, forgot some minuses here:

 - Long and ugly names

My preference would be to nix the long-ugly-mac-based names.
Location based would certainly be simpler to use in cli than the MAC ones

ifconfig enx000acd264533

doesn't really type out that cleaning very often.

I think we should do something like what Steve suggested w.r.t providing
some sort of persistent mapping via rules or config outside of the eth*