Thursday, 21 April 2016

Re: Default languages strategy for Ubuntu desktop CD

2015-12-01 10:06 GMT+02:00 Didier Roche <>:
> Some loco team used to have respin of the default localized ubuntu image.
> Yours truly used to have handle this quite regularly for the french loco
> team. I know that the italian and finnish locos used to do it as well (not
> sure about the current status for them). However, UEFI support made it
> complicated and so those efforts have been dropped some cycles ago as far as
> I know.

No, it was discussed at UOS [1] and not dropped [2], UEFI works, and I
added UEFI GRUB translations as well [3]. Not sure about 16.04 LTS yet
though, there may be new hurdles hurdles to overcome. I did a quick
test run yesterday evening but somehow it seemed unbootable ("Failed
to load ldlinux.c32"), I'll need to look into it during the weekend.
Tips welcome if you know what I encountered, and also feel free to
experiment with the "script" (copy-paste commands manually in reality)
from the bzr using any xenial image as a base. I'd welcome fellow


> 1. Install full language support for those shipped on xenial image. It means
> that opening "language selector" won't request any additional package to
> install[1].

Thanks for adding these, my script was installing the selected English
packages manually for 14.04.x releases, since otherwise Ubuntu would
complain about them even with full Finnish support installed.

> full support for those 8 languages. This is of course a non negligeable
> image size increase. However, getting full language support for at least 8
> languages (and no additional download on install for those) seems like a
> huge increase in quality to me.

I agree!


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