Monday, 18 April 2016

Ubuntu SDK IDE and DevKit - new release

Hi all,

Today we have released the new Ubuntu SDK IDE and Devkit packages.

The highlight of the changes are the following

  • Based on QtCreator 3.5.1

  • Built on 5.6.0 Qt

  • Migrate templates to 1.3 UITK

  • Upgrade the Ubuntu Desktop Kit to OTA11 APIs

  • Enable click and snap format distribution of the IDE and Devkit packages

  • Make the UITK component gallery work (Tools -> Ubuntu -> Showcase Gallery)

  • Discover arm64 devices -  Fixes LP: #1558413

  • Remove the qmlproject wizard. It is deprecated and should not be used anymore.

  • Add support for executing custom scope runners on the phone Fixes LP: #1534509, LP: #1537550

  • Don't expect .pot file to exist, this breaks CMake when no translations are present Fixes LP: #1538419

  • Fixes LP: #1537550 "Manifest changes are not saved before publishing regardless of setting"

  • Fixes LP: #1534509 "Please attach your device - which one?"

  • Adjust HTML5 template to mirror the QML sample app

Known issues

  • The click chroot bootstrapping is fragile. In case of troubles with creating  click chroots please install the static chroot packages ->  

$ sudo apt install ubuntu-sdk-api-15.04-armhf  

The ultimate fix for this problem is coming soon (in few weeks) in a form of replacing click chroots with LXD containers

  • The Ubuntu Desktop Kit does not contain the complete platform API set. It does contain a lot, but not those what would depend on system services. The Ubuntu Desktop Kit is mostly for UI prototyping with the latest UI ToolKit release. With the LXD container this issue will be gone as the container will function as fully licensed build and runtime environment.

Upcoming changes in the following days

  • New welcome screen with direct access to the UI Toolkit showcase gallery

  • Functional desktop kit for click packaged (armhf) pocket desktop IDE

How to get it (given that you have followed the instructions and have the Ubuntu SDK installed already)

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install ubuntu-sdk-ide ubuntu-sdk-dev

Happy hacking and please find me if you have any trouble with the SDK,