Thursday, 19 May 2016

New proposed-migration uninstallability report for lib transitions

Hello all,

If you have ever done a library or other transition that required
landing a set of packages in lockstep, you probably know

However, this page only shows the uninstallability that a proposed
package causes once it becomes a "valid candidate" by itself on
excuses.html, i. e. all of the triggered autopkgtests succeeded.

This is somewhat impractical when working on library transitions as it
is very helpful to see the uninstallability report even before
addressing test regressions. Therefore there is now a new report

which is structurally like update_output.txt but not taking
autopkgtest results into account. Thus you can now hopefully work on
library transitions more efficiently: first rebuild everything and
fix the uninstallables, and then sort out the remaining test failures.

Note that this report will only ever exist for the current development
series; there's little point in running it for stables.


Martin Pitt |
Ubuntu Developer ( | Debian Developer (

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