Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Re: ANN: DNS resolver changes in yakkety

Hey Dave,

Dave Morley [2016-05-31 11:02 +0100]:
> How will this work on the phone if it is only enabled in yakkety?

I'm not intending/planning on changing the behaviour on stable
releases, of course. This is only ≥ 16.10. So as long as touch
products are built from 16.04 (or even 15.04), it won't affect them.

> How will this affect landing phone silos?

This doesn't affect building packages or even most of their runtime
behaviour. This only hooks into glibc's resolving of DNS names (i. e.
gethostbyname()), in the same way as e. g. libnss-mdns4 (Avahi) does.

> Have you tests with a 3g/4g dongle so you have 2 dns servers up at
> the same time

I did test with 2 DNS servers: one is my wifi router, the other the
Canonical VPN server. I don't have a 3G dongle, but this is unrelated
to the type of network card you have. This only affects the IP level,
nothing below.

> , how is suspend, reboot and flight mode scenarios handled?

Same answer as above really, this shouldn't affect any of this.

> I think that is all the questions I can think of :)
> You Make It, I'll Break It!
> I Love My Job :)

Keep'em coming, I'm sure there's some warts left. E. g. I already got
a crash report via apport (some assertion failure), which I'll look
into. They aren't the end of the world as stuff just silently falls
back to contacting the real DNS servers directly, but this is why we
need field testing.


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