Thursday, 19 May 2016

Re: SRU never reviewed, why/how do we avoid that next time?

Sebastien Bacher [2016-05-18 18:08 +0200]:
> We had a libreoffice bugfix SRU in the week after the 15.10 release to
> address some of the user feedback we received from the iso version,
> that's still waiting in the queue unreviewed as far as we can tell (the
> bugs references didn't get updates, the updater/uploader didn't get
> contacted)
> That's a bit unfortunate and I'm unsure what happened there.

I'm sure a lot of it can be attributed to responsibility dilution, not
spending enough time on the queues, or people shying away from
reviewing LibO diffs indeed.

However, we have a similar case right now: There is a new LibO
upstream release sitting in the xenial-proposed queue. I reviewed it,
but didn't accept it because the new version didn't get uploaded to

It appears to me that the same happened for wily: The wily SRU was
uploaded on Oct 28, but the xenial package only on Nov 11. So back
then the SRU wasn't accepted because of "devel first", and then it
probably feel into the mental category of "this upload has been
sitting here for several weeks, there must be something bad with it".

So, a lot of fallacies all around :-/, but maybe this helps to
understand what's going on.


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