Monday, 10 October 2016

Re: Keep or remove software-center?

On Oct 10, 2016, at 03:15 PM, Martin Pitt wrote:

>I just noticed that we still have software-center in yakkety. It
>hasn't been maintained for several cycles, we never found anyone who
>wanted to port it to Python 3, the desktop team moved to
>gnome-software a while ago, and it isn't shipped on any image/flavor.
>Is there still some reason to keep it, or someone who wants to
>maintain it in Ubuntu? If not, I think we should remove it.
>(This doesn't prevent it from reentering Ubuntu in a later release, of

We decided to drop it many cycles ago, which is why it's not seen any
significant development in a long while. I used to track its removal
(i.e. occasionally remember to ping ;) but I pretty much assumed it was going
away once the switch to g-s was complete.

I'd vote for removing it as soon as possible from Zazzy Zorilla. There are a
couple of revdeps and revrecs and it's not worth chasing down any unintended
fallout this close to the Yakkety release.


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