Monday, 10 October 2016

Re: Keep or remove software-center?

Barry Warsaw [2016-10-10 9:38 -0400]:
> I'd vote for removing it as soon as possible from Zazzy Zorilla. There are a
> couple of revdeps and revrecs and it's not worth chasing down any unintended
> fallout this close to the Yakkety release.

| Reverse-Recommends
| ==================
| * mythbuntu-desktop [powerpc] (for software-center)

Not sure wher this comes from -- it's not in
nor in the platform.yakkety nor ubuntu.yakkety seeds,
and yet it is in ubuntu-meta's desktop-recommends-powerpc file. That
is an obsolet file as update.cfg only has "architectures: i386 amd64",
and thus should just be removed.

I'm not sure if Mythbuntu actually wants to support powerpc still or
not -- update.cfg and debian/control's Architecture: disagree. (CC'ing
Mario for input).

| * oneconf (for software-center)

That would get removed along with software-center.

| Reverse-Depends
| ===============
| * ti-omap4-software-channel (for software-center)

This has been obsolete since after 12.04, removed ealier today.


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