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Re: Promote adobe-flashplugin over flashplugin-installer

Hi , 

this would be really great as sometimes, we have to ak new users to enable the partner repo to install skype or adobe-flashplugin , which is not easy.

this leads to another question : Why does adobe plugin cannot go in restricted ? 

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2016-10-28 16:24 GMT+02:00 Gunnar Hjalmarsson <>:
In the beginning of a desktop installation you are asked whether certain third-party software should be installed. If you check that option, and if I understand it correctly, the meta package ubuntu-restricted-extras will be installed and pull a few multiverse packages including flashplugin-installer.

However, the adobe-flashplugin package in Canonical Partner is a better option:

* While flashplugin-installer downloads the Flash plugin from a
  third-party source, adobe-flashplugin installs it directly, so the
  users will get updates (for security or other reasons) through the
  regular package updates.

* adobe-flashplugin installs the PPAPI plugin besides NPAPI.

Currently Canonical Partner is not enabled by default.

This is my idea:

* If the user checks the third-party software option when installing,
  then make the installer enable Canonical Partner.

* Change ubuntu-restricted-addons to recommend
  "adobe-flashplugin | flashplugin-installer" instead of just

Would this be doable? Any policy blockers?

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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