Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Patch pilot report: 2016-11-01

Hello everybody,

here's what I got done in my shift today:

syncpackage -b 1635705 -s tsimonq2 cmst
syncpackage -b 1637846 -s clivejo gpgme1.0
syncpackage -b 1638179 -s happyaron fqterm
- synced.

pad.lv/1617173: please merge choose-mirror from debian
- uploaded, updated merge to include new debian and new ubuntu

pad.lv/1624637: please merge notmuch form debian
- closed, was uploaded already.

pad.lv/1607546: [needs packaging] budgie-welcome
pad.lv/1376274: unscd segfaults regularly
- uploaded.

pad.lv/1633678: Compability issue with adobe-flashplugin
- uploaded zesty change.

pad.lv/1480315: [needs-packaging] CloudKitty
pad.lv/1633725: Mnemosyne fails to start in Yakkety due to missing
- unsubscribed sponsors for now.

pad.lv/1620037: Sync gnustep-gui 0.25.0-4 (universe) from
Debian unstable (main)
- asked what still needs to be done here.

pad.lv/1594596: [needs packaging] arc-firefox-theme
- reviewed, is mostly looking good.

Have a great day,

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