Friday, 18 November 2016

Server team meeting minutes: 2016-11-15

Full report and log available at:

Review ACTION points from previous meeting

Not Done: (jgrimm) send jamespage email about iscsitarget
Drop: (jgrimm) email to ubuntu-devel about powerpc arch future. Tech-board already leading up.

Zesty Development

xnox: we should not create separate /boot partition for LVM+GRUB

Server & Cloud Bugs & SRU/Pending Uploads (caribou)

caribou: SRUs in play: rabbitmq, ifupdown, oslo.messaging, nvme driver/linux, libvirt, qemu
others: bind9, dovecot, libvirt, postfix

Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (powersj)

More cloud-init integration tests. Improving qemu migration tests along with cpaelzer help

Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb, sforshee)

No report

Upcoming Call For Papers

Nothing on calendar.

Ubuntu Server Team Events

Ubuntu Online Summit this week.
nacc and rbasak lead git based merge workflow discussion

Open Discussion

smoser: Cloud-init SRU progress

Announce next meeting date, time and chair

cpealzer is next

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