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Re: Call for testing : Driverless printing on Zesty

Yes, after turning off/on the printer, the lpstat -v returns this:
bt@ungava:~$ lpstat -v
device for Brother-MFC-J650DW: ipp://BRW3C77E657AB52.local:631/ipp/print

I have checked and I have only one print queue.

I did not install any proprietary Brother drivers. I will install the scanner driver asap and tell you what happens.

Thanks again,


2016-12-28 9:00 GMT-05:00 Till Kamppeter <>:
On 12/28/2016 02:37 AM, Bernard Tremblay wrote:
Thanks for the quick reply.

I had to install cups-ipp-util first, then avahi-discover.

avahi-discover is only for debugging, therefore it is not installed by default. For actual printer setup and printing it is not needed. But keep it installed, perhaps we need it again.

cups-ipp-utils is actually needed by the driverless utility, we will add an appropriate dependency to the package containing driverless.

Here are the output of the commands:
bt@ungava:~$ driverless list
DEBUG: Started ippfind (PID 1317)
DEBUG: Started post-processing (PID 1318)
"driverless:ipp://BRW3C77E657AB52.local:631/ipp/print" en "Brother"
"Brother MFC-J650DW, driverless, cups-filters 1.13.1"
DEBUG: PID 1317 (ippfind) exited with no errors.
DEBUG: PID 1318 (Post-processing) exited with no errors.

Your printer is actually an AirPrint printer and therefore the "driverless" utility is listing it.


I selected entry Brother MFC-J650DW from the Internet Printer list:

Type de service : _ipp._tcp
Nom du service : Brother MFC-J650DW
Nom de domaine : local
Interface : enp1s0 IPv4
Adresse : BRW3C77E657AB52.local/

TXT Binary = T
TXT Duplex = T
TXT Copies = F
TXT product = (Brother MFC-J650DW)
TXT priority = 25
TXT Fax = T
TXT rp = ipp/print
TXT ty = Brother MFC-J650DW
TXT PaperCustom = T
TXT note = Bureau
TXT adminurl = http://BRW3C77E657AB52.local./net/net/airprint.html
TXT print_wfds = T
TXT txtvers = 1
TXT Transparent = T
TXT URF = SRGB24,W8,CP1,IS1,MT1-8-11,OB9,PQ4-5,RS300,OFU0,V1.2,DM3
TXT usb_MDL = MFC-J650DW
TXT qtotal = 1
TXT usb_MFG = Brother
TXT UUID = e3248000-80ce-11db-8000-3c77e657ab52
TXT Scan = T
TXT Color = T
TXT pdl =

This is the information which the printer broadcasts into the network. The "image/urf" in the "TXT pdl = ..." line is the MIME type of Apple Raster, the print data format of Apple AirPrint. The other lines tell about the capabilities of the printer, like whether it has duplex, is a color printer, ... and the URL of the administration web interface.

The driverless utility and cups-browsed read this information to decide whether the printer supports driverless printing.

This especially means that cups-browsed will automatically set up a print queue if it is appropriately configured.

As you already told that you have set the needed configuration bits for cups-browsed, I want to ask you to have the printer turned on, let it complete start up, and now run the command

lpstat -v

Does your printer appear in the list, with a URI which starts with ipp: or ipps:?

If so, please attach its PPD file (in /etc/cups/ppd/, file name is the same as the queue name, with ".ppd" extension) to your reply.

Also try to print on the queue with different option settings.

Note that this print queue only exists as long as the printer is turned on.


I checked my printer setup with a browser and AirPrint is active.

I tried to setup the printer with /usr/bin/system-config-printer and  I
had the choice between 3 protocols for the same printer :

  * ipp://BRW3C77E657AB52.local:631/ipp/print
  * lpd printer BRW3C77E657AB52
  * Network printer via DNS-SD for ipp://BRW3C77E657AB52.local:631/ipp/print

I choosed the first one, and this time I had a message saying "Searching
for driver" and it did not prompt me with the usual list of all printers
that it knows,

This is because it found the correct PPD, which is auto-generated based on a query for capabilities to the printer, automatically. system-config-printer only asks for make/model/driver if there is no exact match.

but it ask me for the name of the printer and a name for
the place it is.

This system-config-printer always asks for, as it does not know how you want to organize your print queues.

  I printed the "Printer test page" and everything
works OK now.

So you are successfully doing driverless printing with your Brother printer and for the first time it works solely with free software, without the awkwardnesses of Brother's proprietary driver.

Next steps to be sure whether everything works as intended:

Attach the PPD file (in /etc/cups/ppd/, file name is the same as the queue name, with ".ppd" extension) to the answer of this e-mail. I asked you for a PPD file earlier, but you have probably two print queues now, one created by cups-browsed and one created by system-config-printer. I want to know via the PPD files whether they are both created correctly.

Print some jobs with different settings (duplex, quality, input tray, ...) and from different applications. Does this work? If not, which settings or applications cause problems?

Thanks a lot for the help.  I don't know exactly why CUPS was asking for
information to select the driver from its list and now it doesn't anymore ?

See above, the driverless printing support generates an exactly matching PPD file for your printer.

Note also that system-config-printer skips asking if there is an exactly matching PPD but the web interface of CUPS always asks (but selects the exactly matching PPD as default).

Another question:

Do you have Brother's proprietary drivers installed? If yes, can you uninstall them and check whether your printer still works with the newly created queues?

If your printer has a scanner and you have uninstalled Brother's drivers and this leads to the scanner not working any more, please install ONLY the scanner driver from Brother now, the printer drivers are not needed any more.


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