Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Re: Call for testing : Driverless printing on Zesty

I have printed all in color and same quality,  The firefox print was landscape, the libreoffice was a standard letter from work, the atril was a print of a black/white old review, and gimp printed a small color image of a person.

I will try some more combinations and send you the results as soon as I can.


2016-12-28 16:03 GMT-05:00 Till Kamppeter <>:
On 12/28/2016 06:32 PM, Bernard Tremblay wrote:
Here are the results from "ipptool -tv
ipp://BRW3C77E657AB52.local:631/ipp/print get-printer-attributes.test >
out.txt" in attached file

Thank you very much. I have forwarded this file to the people of the PWG now.

Your printer does not fulfill all criteria for an IPP Everywhere printer but enough for driverless printing with fully automatic printer setup.

I cannot see any scanner from SimpleScan and haven't find any way to use
the web interface for the scanner yet.

I will install the scan driver from Brother and retry to scan.


I have started the debug mode and print 4 documents that all printed OK:

 1. firefox
 2. libreoffice writer
 3. atril (pdf viewer)
 4. gimp

I have my cups error_log attached too.

Thank you very much. The jobs are, as expected, converted into the PWG Raster format and sent off to the printer, with the option settings as IPP attributes.

Another test I want to ask you for is to change option settings, like turning on and off duplex, switching between grayscale and color, changing print quality, ... Are these changes obeyed in the printouts?


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