Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Re: Make systemd journal persistent | remove rsyslog (by default)

On Tue, 2017-01-10 at 17:04 -0500, Bryan Quigley wrote:
> Hi,
> In debugging a shutdown issue I came across a bug [1] that indicates
> for us to get better logs [2] during shutdown we really need to make
> the systemd journal persistent.   We would also need to remove rsyslog
> by default so we don't have duplicate writing of logs to disk.
> Aside from shutdown logs we also get a lot of other nice metadata.
> For instance, you can ask for all the logs since a certain date.  You
> can trivially view the logs from 2 boots ago.
> The negative is it is in a binary format and you have to use
> journalctl to read it.
> I'm sure I missed some positives/negatives.

Remote logging. Rsyslog is far superior in this regard. Granted, remote logging
is not enabled by default but it is a requirement in many environments.

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