Saturday, 21 January 2017

Re: To access IPP-over-USB printer: Emulate remote machine in the network

On 16/01/17 18:05, Till Kamppeter wrote:
> In the beginning I used localhost:60000 which makes polling capabilities
> and status, printing, and web interface work, but the printer could not
> be Avahi-broadcasted and so CUPS and cups-browsed could not discover it.
Possibly not the ideal solution but did you test whether using
avahi-daemon.conf's "deny-interfaces=" with a single interface name that
it is safe to ignore (a throw-away dummy interface) would work?

I ask because the man-page for avahi-daemon.conf seems to imply that the
interface default action is to ignore 'lo' and any point-to-point
interfaces, but if using "deny-interfaces=" without any
"allow-interfaces=" it will use all interfaces not specified - which
implies that it would then use 'lo'. E.g:

# allow-interfaces=
# implication is that 'lo' will be used

If the functionality is only required for the localhost's CUPS service
this might be sufficient.

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