Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Your squid3 changes in 3.5.12-1ubuntu4

Hi Steve,

I'm working on a merge of squid3. I've understood most of your changes
in 3.5.12-1ubuntu4, but am having trouble following a few small pieces
of it. Please could you advise so that I make sure I don't drop anything
and can send useful patches up to Debian that I can explain?

You can see your upload and how I've broken it down in
- specifically b9c275e..6c013d1.

I've matched pieces of your complete patch with your individual
changelog entries, but I'm struggling to complete the matching.


* I'm not sure if I've matched
correctly. If this is wrong, can you tell me what adding that line
achieves please, or which other changelog entry it belongs to?

* Was
part of your conffile handling changes? Are you dropping it because
"dpkg-maintscript-helper mv_conffile" doesn't need the destination
directory to exist on preinst? If so, is there a specific reason the
superfluous mkdir would cause a problem that I can explain to Debian
when sending it up?