Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Re: NEW reviews needed for Kubuntu [was: Kubuntu required package-set updates for Zesty (17.04)]

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Hi folks - thanks for the nudge, let's climb in to help Kubuntu clear these items through NEW.

Also, I believe there has been good progress on KDE snapping, which bypasses the archive integration thanks to isolation. Not sure if we are ready to make that as a standard recommendation (would look to relevant upstreams to say) but it's definitely an easier process for everybody once it's enabled. With snapd 2.23 there are delta updates to make updating snaps faster than debs, and I think the content-sharing work now allows for upstream to manage a shared build of KDE and Qt libraries that such snaps can share.

We can also enable snaps to be pre-installed in the image, that would be widely useful.


On 07/02/17 13:05, Robie Basak wrote:
On Tue, Feb 07, 2017 at 01:00:28PM +0000, Rik Mills wrote:  
Sadly we have had no luck getting the packages in NEW queue reviewed or  accepted, despite "reaching out" multiple times.  
  I suggested reaching out to ubuntu-devel@, but nobody has done so. As  I've said on IRC, IRC is ephemeral. If an archive admin doesn't happen  to see things scroll past, nothing will happen. As far as archive admins  are concerned, they may never have been asked and this may be the first  time they're hearing about it.    So I'm writing this to ubuntu-devel@ now, as nobody else has bothered.    Archive admins: Kubuntu are struggling to get NEW reviews. Please can  you help? I understand they've been the queue a while.    Thanks,    Robie