Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Re: aptdaemon

Le 15/03/2017 à 23:24, Jeremy Bicha a écrit :
> sessioninstaller is broken in zesty now (LP: #1661371)
> As I commented on the bug, gnome-software can replace sessioninstaller
> (at least for the purpose of installing the codecs to play an mp3),
> but it doesn't work with gnome-software apt backend.

Hey there,

Just a follow up about sessioninstaller. I had a look at the issue and
it's still working, the problem is that the packagekit backend build has
been turned on mid-cycle in zesty (looks like an error, it was not
documented in the changelog at least) resulting in gnome-software
including a dbus .service/claiming the org.freedesktop.PackageKit name
on the session bus, which means sessioninstaller can't do that and is
bailing out.

We discussed that on IRC and Jeremy has uploaded a new gnome-software
revision to disable packagekit back, which should be enough to fix the
issue for zesty.

It would still be good to fix gnome-software codec installation when
using our apt backend so we can deprecate sessioninstaller though, I'm
going to have a look to that next.


Sebastien Bacher

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