Friday, 10 March 2017

Sponsorship queue squashing party

I propose to get some sponsors together on a nominated day with a goal of
getting the sponsorship queue down to zero (current count 62).

We could have sponsors on hand on IRC (#ubuntu-devel), together if possible
with SRU, archive admin and release team members available to close feedback
loops so we can get everything that is suitable landed appropriately.

Since it is after feature freeze, I propose that anything in the queue that is
ready for upload but not suitable at this point in the cycled be reviewed
regardless so that it is ready to go in as soon as Zesty+1 opens. If successful
we could do another day early next cycle.

I propose Wednesday 29 March, avoiding final beta freeze the week before, and
of course I volunteer my time as ~ubuntu-core-dev and ~ubuntu-sru.

Who else is available to help? If you'd like to help but cannot make 29
March, please let me know.

Details below (subject to discussion, change, consensus, etc).

Objective: sponsorship queue zero.

Key Indicator: count of items in the sponsorship queue.


1. Make each upload in the queue not be blocked on a sponsor by either
uploading or providing feedback and then removing the item from the

2. Have SRU team, release team and archive admin members on hand if
possible so we can just get stuff done as needed. Their priorities
would be to wear those hats first (as and when requested by other

3. If sponsors have time, then, where appropriate, fix up contributions
and upload where possible.


Participating sponsors mark queue items as taken (perhaps copy queue to an
Etherpad at start, then mark there who owns what). Then the goal for
each participating sponsor would be:

* Unsubscribe ~ubuntu-sponsors if no upload is pending.

* Upload or fix up and upload if appropriate, then unsubscribe
~ubuntu-sponsors (or mark MP as done).

* Comment if an upload is not appropriate, unsubscribe ~ubuntu-sponsors
and ask for ~ubuntu-sponsors to be resubscribed when the sponsoree
has responded and is again ready for upload. If an MP, then mark as
Work In Progress and ask for status to be changed back when the
sponsoree has responded and is again ready.

* Where an upload needs to be deferred due
to freeze, review anyway, provide feedback and if it is good then set
it aside in an agreed place and commit to uploading it when Zesty+1


I would prefer to see items in the queue that are blocked on something
other than a sponsor be removed from the queue entirely. This will help
sponsors to dive in and be immediately useful, rather than wasting time
trawling through items and spending time to understand them before
discovering that nothing needs doing anyway.

Since the goal is to empty the sponsorship queue entirely, it should be
fine to remove items that are not ready from the queue. Contributors
won't lose their places because if our goal is achieved then they will
be first in line when ready.