Thursday, 20 April 2017

Re: SRU quality and preventing regressions

Hey Robie,

Thanks for pushing for those process improvements.

Le 20/04/2017 à 14:36, Robie Basak a écrit :
> Do you think people would look at the wiki

Some people are probably going to, and if we have documentation it
should reflect our current practices otherwise we better just delete it
or remove specifics that would be less misleading to contributors who
read it.

When Marco verified that indicator SRU ealier I mentioned to him that he
should include the version (which I knew you mentioned in your email)
but he asked where it was written since he couldn't find that
requirement ... and indeed it's not in the wiki. So we have at least one
example where something checked the wiki documentation as a reference,
wiki also is easy enough to edit so there is no real reason to not do it.


Sebastien Bacher

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