Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Re: Kimchi & Ginger in Ubuntu outdated and broken - update or remove them

all we heard so far went went the same direction - so it is more an agreeing than a discussion.
Therefore I changed the bug to officially request the packages to be removed in artful.

Furthermore as fallback for users who come by the bug missing the package I referred to the ppa and the upstream download page.
Frederic did so in this thread already, yet OTOH all your posts seem to wait for moderation I guess so let me summarize here as well.
The following is a copy&paste of my last update to the bug so that people can find things in the mail archive as well:

per comments #8 #16 #25 and #29 I think we reached consensus and should remove the following packages from the archive in Artful:
- kimchi
- ginger

- broken
- outdated
- not maintained
- no further dependencies on them that would block

Looking for an archive admin that is willing to consider removing them.
Unassigning from Frederic and subscribing ~ubuntu-archive so one can pick.

FYI - For users who come here "missing" these packages (well likely missing a working version).
The projects strategy itself seems to be self provided deb's - while I don't like that you can get it at [1].
Furthermore there is a ppa maintained by IBM which you could use at [2].
But also please read the referred comments and links if you really want that.


Christian Ehrhardt
Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd