Thursday, 8 June 2017

Re: KDE PIM in Proposed for a month

+1 on this. I know things are difficult right now, but not even being
able to get a 'non-ancient' version of our default KDE email client and
groupware (KMail, Korganiser, Knotes, Kontact etc) into the archive is
utterly disheartening.

In addition, things continue to move on, and soon there will be more new
sources required, so we fall even further behind, and cannot offer up to
date software that other distributions do.


I apologise for 'nagging'


On 06/06/17 22:11, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> Greetings Release Team,
> I'm writing as the Kubuntu Release Manager this cycle, and a newbie at
> the job. I see from looking at
> that all of our PIM packages are waiting in Proposed since May 2 when
> Rohan uploaded them.
> They are just splits from existing source packages, so we're a bit
> puzzled as to why they've been waiting so long. We understand that the
> release team and archive admins are very busy in the light of recent
> events, but feel that packages spending over 1 month in the new queue
> is not great for our developers, community or ubuntu.
> We'd very much like our users to be able to use and test PIM in Artful
> even in advance of Alpha 1.
> Thanks so much for your consideration.
> Valorie

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