Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Re: KDE PIM in Proposed for a month

Le 12/06/2017 à 12:16, Didier Roche a écrit :
> Le 08/06/2017 à 15:48, Rik Mills a écrit :
>> +1 on this. I know things are difficult right now, but not even being
>> able to get a 'non-ancient' version of our default KDE email client and
>> groupware (KMail, Korganiser, Knotes, Kontact etc) into the archive is
>> utterly disheartening.
>> In addition, things continue to move on, and soon there will be more new
>> sources required, so we fall even further behind, and cannot offer up to
>> date software that other distributions do.
>> Thanks.
>> I apologise for 'nagging'
> Sorry for the delay,
> with the transition to the new GNOME desktop by default and other
> related tasks, the few active people on the archive admin community
> were quite busy at the start of this cycle.
> I'm going to spend my tomorrow morning looking at your package and
> unblock them.
> Thanks for your patience and our apologizes again.

This is now done.

Note that there are some nitpicks but I didn't block on them as they
only are on debian/copyright. The code itself is fine. and now migrating
from proposed to the release pocket.

I'm listing those nitpicks here. Please fix those in a followup upload:
* pim-data-exporter has in debian/copyright: 2003, Laurence
Anderson. However, there is no trace of Laurence using her copyright in
any of the source file.
-> please remove that line.
* In general, the packaging has a different license file than the
upstream source (packaging is LGPL, sources are GPL + GFDL), but I
understand that those packages are split and rename from another one.
The result is that the upstream source tarball ships COPYING.LGPL where
the source doesn't have any file with that license.
* Similarly, the GDFL license (COPYING.DOC) is shipped in some upstream
source tarballs that don't have any files under that license like in
-> Please get a correct release without the unecessary license files

Sorry again for the delay, and I hope that will get you unblock!

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