Monday, 26 June 2017

Re: Rolling Release Ubuntu?

On 5/6/2017 7:32 AM, N. W. wrote:
> Hi all,
> in this thread
> on
> ubuntu-x, it was suggested to move the rolling release discussion to
> ubuntu-devel. So, that's what I am doing hereby.
> Can you please make Ubuntu a rolling release?

We thought about it a year or two ago and it was decided not to.

> Most people only use the LTS versions and keep them updated with PPAs
> and backports.

I'm not sure what you base that on but I'm highly skeptical.

> So why even do releases in between (16.10/17.04./17.10 for example)?
> You're doing a 16.10/17.04./17.10 release (which most users do not
> use anyway) and then in addition to that also backport lots of things
> to 16.04. So much wasted/duplicated effort. It would be much better
> if you would rather do one rolling release and concentrate on that
> one.

Very little gets backported. Also you already shot your argument in the
foot: if most people prefer to run the LTS, they aren't going to want to
switch to a rolling release.

> Just have one release and update it continuously.
> Also, gaming on Linux becomes increasingly popular and a lot of games
> are targeted for Ubuntu and even game developers complain that Mesa
> is outdated on Ubuntu and so on.

Who is complaining about Ubuntu not updating frequently enough? Last I
checked, steam still only supports 14.04. Proprietary software vendors
generally want to have to update to new releases as little as possible
since it requires more work on their part for no gain.

> People want up-to-date software and drivers.

Again, your assertion that most people use the LTS would prove otherwise.

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