Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Re: Status of Ubuntu Touch packages removal

Le 27/06/2017 à 13:46, Dmitry Shachnev a écrit :
Hi all!    Is it planned to remove Unity 8 and related packages (such as apps) from  Artful, or the plan is to keep them in universe for some more time?    We are currently working on updating Qt to 5.9 LTS, and two major things that  concern us are:    * ubuntu-ui-toolkit;  * qtubuntu (the Qt MIR binding).    Both of these packages are broken with Qt 5.9, and because they extensively  use Qt private API, fixing them may be not easy.    ubuntu-ui-toolkit is even in main because it is used by checkbox-converged.    It would be really nice to get *at least* qtubuntu removed, if nobody is going  to work on it. For ubuntu-ui-toolkit I guess the first step would be demoting  it to universe by removing checkbox-converged from desktop (or porting it to  some other toolkit like Qt Quick Controls 2).    One more thing that concerns us is Oxide, but as I understand it is already  getting removed as part of LP: #1688395.    Any thoughts / comments / objections?

We have a task I added to do an iso cleanswap, and looking at content like this[1]. I agree that we should remove ubuntu-ui-toolkit. It seems that checkbox-converged could be either removed from the desktop seed or ported as you told.
This isn't my next task I have in mind, but should be doable in the next couple of weeks (doing the whole desktop iso analysis).


[1] https://trello.com/c/4MzTEU2d/160-do-an-iso-cleanswap
  --  Dmitry Shachnev