Thursday, 22 June 2017

Re: Ubuntu Desktop transition from LightDM to GDM

Le 22/06/2017 à 20:22, Ken VanDine a écrit :
> Ubuntu Desktop will be switching from LightDM to GDM for 17.10. I'm
> working on handling that transition and trying to sort out the best
> solution for upgraders that won't negatively impact other flavors.
> The initial plan was to drop the current prompt when configuring the
> package to select which DM to use by default and just switch current
> lightdm users to gdm3. This would only affect users that have both
> lightdm and gdm3 installed, but I can see cases where users may have
> that today. For example an Ubuntu MATE user that has also installed
> gnome-shell, would have both lightdm and gdm3 installed. Most of the
> flavors are using lightdm and as far as I know aren't planning to
> switch to GDM at this time.
> We could use a maintainer script to switch the default to gdm3 on
> upgrade only if ubuntu-session is installed, this would further reduce
> the impact.

My heuristic would be for avoiding the prompt:
- ubuntu-session installed
- that session is set as current session for at least one user on the


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