Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Re: Ubiquity Proposal - Add "minimal" setup with kernel parameter

Hi Mathieu,

"Minimal" will contain the least amount necessary to install the OS. We also prefer off-line installs with minimal which would remove options to download updates or install 3rd party software during install. This requires adding language packs to the iso when using minimal.

Why could this not be a variation on the OEM install type instead?

This would be an additional option to use a minimal set of Ubiquity screens. "Minimal" and "OEM" could both be chosen. Ubuntu or KDE could use a separate tool for user configuration if they so chose and reduce duplication between the installer and user configuration. OEM could use just OEM or both if they preferred GNOME Initial Setup.


[2] Hostname is currently on the "Who are you?" screen. It uses the username and DMI information to populate the hostname. We propose using the same DMI information, adding 4 hexadecimals to the end (a checksum of the MAC address "Galag-Pro-A8F3"), and moving the hostname up to the "Installation Type" screen. This enables "minimal" installs to set the hostname and business customers can install the OS on multiple machines, with automatic or custom hostnames, then give the computer to their user for account setup.

What would setting the hostname earlier actually bring as a benefit?

This was so hostname could be chosen earlier in the process if the user config screen is never triggered (where hostname it exist today). Matthew countered that hostname was supposed to be removed from Ubiquity as part of the spec and we think he's right.

Could you come up with a code branch that does what you want and knows to install GNOME Initial Setup, or with a pre-made image that mocks up how you see things, so that we could play with it?

Yes, we have an installer sprint coming up at the end of August. There will be work folks can review.