Sunday, 30 July 2017

Re: [ubuntu-studio-devel] Legacy Support

On Sun, 30 Jul 2017, Helios Martinez Dominguez wrote:

> There should be a way to provide x86 support natively while providing x64
> upgrading on the go as detected, as needed or as stated. It would allow to remain

We already do provide both 32 and 64 bit ISOs. Putting both on one ISO
would pretty much double the size of an ISO that is the biggest ISO of all
the Ubuntu ISOs. Last I checked, UbuntuSTudio did still load and work on
well over 10 years old computers so long as they have at least 1 Gig ram
(though more is needed to make the best use) There are enough people who
rely on a machine not connected to tyhe internet to make on the go
installs not practical.

> lighter ISO's, support legacy hardware with lower performance​ than commercially
> available and upgrade to a more recent configuration as required. I would like to
> configure such code myself as i consider i am a great developer and could (and
> should) provide myself with such requirements as needed, yet my knowledge on the
> procedure is poor at the time and it would take longer to study and practice all
> the way through the learning process than to proceed to ask for someone else who
> does knows, works and relies on the procedure on a periodic basis. As such, i
> formally ask the development team to address my request into such matter, as
> possible. Thanks in advance. Good day.

Please make yourself available to take on this task. Asking a few people
with hardly any time to take on yet another task just means most people
will just hit the delete key on this mail and get on with life.

Really you should at least make yourself familiar enough with the process
to know how much work you are asking "someone" else to do for your system
and maybe not many others in their spare time. The Ubuntu kernel and
repository maintainers are already asking us to drop support for 32bit
systems... and some of our main applications are no longer 32bit
compatable upstream by the application developers either.

Len Ovens